The new MEAT touch electronics, totally developed by our Company, allows you to simply have the meat dry aging process under control.

You can quickly have access to all the operating parameters and manage the setting according to your needs.

Moreover, thanks to the Wi-Fi remote connection system included as standard, you can check and manage your fridge or cold room at any time wherever you are.

By using the Everlasting App from any smartphone, tablet or computer, you can easily manage all the setting as if you were in front of your LoStagionatore.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive and functional design. The home page shows the main parameters of the working cycle, temperature and humidity.


From the unlocked Home screen you can access to the “shortcuts” menu where you can manage the main functions of the MEAT touch panel.

Recipes storage

All the saved recipes are available for a fast and easy use. Each recipe displays all the phases and the corresponding parameters.

Ongoing recipe

From the Home screen you have access to the ongoing recipe screen. Here you can see all the phases and the corresponding parameters.

Recipe management

For each recipe you can set different phases and parameters such as time (days and hours), temperature, humdity and speed ventilation.


At any time you can check the probes values: cell probe, evaporator probe, PH probe, pin product probe, etc..


Each alarms is identified by: Code: Univocal acronym referred to a specific alarm; Start date and time: when the alarm condition has taken place; Stop date and time: when the alarm condition has ended; Status: visualized, not-visualized, ongoing alarm.

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Who we are

LoStagionatore is a brand completely developed by Everlasting S.r.l., leading company in the production of equipment for professional refrigeration.

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