Since 1956 we design and produce professional refrigeration equipment offering our customers innovative and high quality solutions, exclusively Made in Italy. We are convinced that at the base of unforgettable culinary experiences there is a correct preservation of excellent ingredients. This belief has accompanied us for over sixty years. Everlasting offers cold chain solutions that allow professional chefs to store precious raw materials and finished dishes in complete safety, in the certainty of obtaining an excellent result. To achieve our goals, we constantly improve our production processes and we strive to offer the market every day innovative and high quality solutions.


LoStagionatore Everlasting was born from a project totally taken care of by our company, which seven years ago strongly believed in this project. Combining more than sixty years of experience in the Professional Refrigeration sector we have created a range of specific refrigerators for the curing of artisanal products and the maturation of meat with the help of experts and technicians working in the meat and cheese industry,. It is the result of years of studies aimed at creating a range of reliable and performing equipment for professionals in the sector.

Dry-Aging meat

Salami Seasoning

Cheese ripening


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LoStagionatore is a brand completely developed by Everlasting S.r.l., leading company in the production of equipment for professional refrigeration.

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